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What is the status of my case? When will my case be complete? How long will do a cases like mine take to process? These are the most frequently asked and most difficult questions to answer. Processing times vary greatly depending on the caseload and staffing levels at USCIS (Immigration). Moreover, confusing and inaccurate information is provided by USCIS and unreliable sources on the internet. You probably know someone who had an immigration case that was processed in only a few months. This is because he or she fell under a special category of immigrant. Each case is different for several reasons. Estimated processing times and case status for the different types of applications are available from several different sources:

• The USCIS Receipt Notice states a range of number of days for normal processing, however, this is usually inaccurate. Why? USCIS quotas constantly change (visa bulletin).
• The USCIS “Case Status Online” website offers minimal case status information. You will need a 13-character receipt number to access this information.
• The USCIS National Call Center, 1-800-375-5283, provides case status and the option of speaking to a live person. The person who answers the phone will only look at the file related to the 13-character receipt number. Please let the USCIS phone agent know if you have more than one receipt number.
• Processing reports are released twice-a-month by application type. These reports can be obtained from USCIS Service Centers (locate USCIS offices) and at local district offices, or on the USCIS website. These reports provide the most accurate estimates since they are updated by USCIS every 2 to 3 weeks. Close and frequent monitoring of your pending applications will alert you to delays, and will allow you to plan the filing of any extension applications.

A new feature offered by USCIS is the option to establish a “portfolio” of your cases using your and your family’s application receipt numbers by registering a user ID and password. You can then check status of the entire portfolio of cases by logging into a secure area online. Furthermore, you can choose to have USCIS automatically send you an e-mail informing of any status change for a pending case. The information can be provided in English or Spanish.

If you should have any questions regarding a USCIS status notification that you receive (especially a “Request for Additional Evidence”) or if you see any errors or inaccuracies in anything sent by immigration authorities, please call me immediately 512-215-6011.

NOTE : A change of address while your application is pending may result in a delay in processing, especially if you fail to timely report the address change. You must notify USCIS IMMEDIATELY in writing of any change of address or contact information so that we may be able to contact you at all times. Although USCIS must send duplicate copies of all correspondence to both you and our office, this often does not happen. If we are not sent important correspondence and you have moved without notifying the immigration, this may result in denial of an application. We will notify the appropriate USCIS office where your application is pending on your behalf. However, you and all non-citizen members of your family must also, by law, complete and file a Form AR-11. Instructions and the form are available at the USCIS website under “How do I” / “Change of Address? ”. We strongly advise that the AR-11 form be submitted to USCIS by certified mail, return receipt requested so that you will have proof of compliance.

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Processing Times by Case Type
Case Type Processing Time (approximate time, not guaranteed)
I – 129F Petition for Fiancée 2 Months *
I – 129 H1B Nonimmigrant Specialty Occupation Worker 13 Months
I – 129 H2 Temporary Nonimmigrant Worker 8 Months
I – 129 H3 Temporary Nonimmigrant Worker 8 Months
I – 129 L Nonimmigrant Intracompany Transferee 11 Months
I – 129 O Nonimmigrant Extraordinary Ability Worker 6 Months *
I – 129 P1, P2, P3 Athletes, Artists and Entertainers 9 Months
I – 129 Q Cultural Exchange Visitor 6 Months
I – 129 R N/I Religious Worker 9 Months
I – 131 Application for Travel Document 2 Months *
I – 140 EB1 (A) ‐ Alien with Extraordinary Ability 6 Months *
I – 140 EB1 (B) ‐ Outstanding Professor or Researcher 5 Months *
I – 140 EB1 (C) ‐ Multinational Manager or Executive 13 Months
I – 140 EB2 (D) – Advanced Degree Professional 24 Months
I – 140 EB2 (I) – National Interest Waiver 6 Months *
I – 140 EB3 (E) – Skilled or Professional Worker 24 Months
I – 140 EB3 (G) – Other Worker 23 Months
I – 212 Application to Reapply for Admission 6 Months *
I ‐ 352 Bond Breach 2 Months *
I – 360 EB4 Petition for Religious Worker 9 Months
I – 360 C Special Immigrant Juvenile 2 Months *
I – 360 VAWA Violence Against Women Act Petition 4 Months *
I – 485 Cuban Adjustment Act Application 4 Months *
I – 485 LIFE Act Adjustment Application 11 Months
I – 485 Section 13 Adjustment Application 2 Months *
I – 526 EB5 Alien Entrepreneur 6 Months *
I – 600 Petition for Orphan 2 Months *
I – 601 Application for Waiver of Inadmissibility 26 Months
I – 612 Application for 212(e) Waiver 2 Months *
I – 687 Legalization Application for Temporary Residence 7 Months
I – 690 Legalization/SAW – Waive Grounds of Excludability 5 Months *
I – 698 Legalization Adjustment Application 3 Months *
I – 700 Special Agricultural Worker 3 Months *
I – 821 Temporary Protected Status 2 Months *
I – 905 Application to Issue Cert for Health Care Workers 2 Months *
I – 914 Application for T Nonimmigrant Status 6 Months *
I – 918 Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status 6 Months *
N – 470 Application to Preserve Residence 2 Months *
N – 565 Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Doc 2 Months *
N – 600 Certificate of Citizenship 4 Months *
N – 643 Certificate of Citizenship for Adopted Child 2 Months *

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