Check For Warrants

Click here to search for your warrants, or search for Austin municipal warrants. It is easier and less expensive to clear a warrant through a “walk-through” than it is to get arrested in a traffic stop and end up waiting hours or days in jail. When you get arrested in a traffic stop, your car gets towed and you have to pay a fee to get out of jail and to get your car out of the tow yard.

George Lobb can arrange for a “walk-through” to clear that warrant. This means the warrant will be executed while-you-wait. In most cases, your wait in custody is limited to minutes or just a few hours. In most cases, you never see the inside of a jail cell during the walk-through. Once Mr. Lobb completes the bond paperwork, it’s as simple as waiting in the bonding room at the courthouse until the Sheriff’s Office processes the rest of the bond paperwork. In most cases, a municipal court warrant can be cleared without your appearance. In all cases, you should contact me to make sure the proper procedure is followed.

Check Travis County misdemeanor and felony warrants here:

Check City of Austin Municipal Court warrants here:

Please note that not all warrants are in these databases. Sometimes the police hold the paper warrant in their hand and serve it to you personally. If you think this is the case, please contact George Lobb immediately at 512-215-6011.