Help! I’m in Jail.

Friends and loved ones, when arrested, must wait in jail until the judge (or magistrate) sets bond and until a bond is posted by a bail bond company or by an attorney.

For a reasonable amount, you can hire attorney George Lobb instead of paying the bond amount in full (cash bond) and instead of hiring a bail bond company. The fee you pay to George Lobb to arrange for the jail release is applied toward legal representation. This means that you save money by hiring an attorney for a jail release instead of hiring both a bail bond company and an attorney.

To help get someone out of jail, call attorney George Lobb with the first name, last name, and date of birth of the person arrested, as well as the place of arrest. You can call during the day and after working hours. 512-215-6011.

During the jail release process, Attorney George Lobb must:
1) Collect an retainer fee from you
2) Interview the client
3) Get 3 personal references (to verify client identity)
4) Meet with pretrial services to begin bond paperwork
5) Wait for a pretrial services background check
6) Wait for the alleged victim to call pretrial services (in assault cases)
7) Convince the judge to sign the bond

…and this takes time.

George Lobb will quote the attorney fee for you to retain his services. You can meet with Mr. Lobb at the jail or in his office to pay the fee or charge it to a credit or debit card online or over the phone.

The fee to begin work on the bond is usually small percentage of the bond amount. Because each case is different, you must speak with Mr. Lobb in order to get an exact price for his services.

Some cases will cost more and some will cost less. The attorney retainer fee amount depends on:
1) the facts of the offense charged,
2) the criminal history of the accused, and
3) whether immigration issues exist.

Payment of the fee and some paper work will begin the jail release process. This fee is applied toward legal representation.

The jail release process can take a few hours or sometimes longer, depending on:
1) the facts of the offense charged,
2) the criminal history of the accused, and
3) the alleged victim’s input (in assault cases).

Several other factors can influence the time it takes to post the bond and release the detainee. Repeat offenders and those accused of felonies, assault offenses, or domestic violence may experience longer wait times before getting released from jail. On the other hand, a first-time Class C misdemeanor offender can usually get out of jail quicker than those accused of more serious crimes.

Only the Sheriff of Travis County and his staff determine when a person will be released from jail. The Sheriff does not notify you, attorneys, or anyone else of the time of release. You can monitor the progress of the jail release process by visiting the Travis County Sheriff’s website and conducting an inmate search. If you search and do not find your friend or loved one, that means they have been released or the Sheriff misspelled their name. Several factors can delay the jail release:

1) a crowded jail,
2) jail staff shift change,
3) jail lockdown,
4) an understaffed jail processing bond paperwork.

If you have a warrant for your arrest, Mr. Lobb can do a “walk-through”. This means that the warrant will be cleared and your wait in jail is limited to minutes or just a few hours. In most cases, you never see the inside of a jail cell during the walk-through.

If your friend or loved one is in federal (FBI, US Marshals, or DEA) custody, please contact George Lobb or details on the federal bond process. The federal system presents more complications than the state system.

Once your friend or loved one is released from jail, he or she must:
1) stay in contact with Mr. Lobb,
2) show up to court, and
3) satisfy any conditions written on the bond.

Failure to appear in court or failure to comply with the conditions of the bond will result in a bond forfeiture and issuance of an arrest warrant.

Check your Travis County (misdemeanor or felony) court date.

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