What To Expect When You Are Accused Of A Crime

judges bench

A criminal case usually follows the following steps:

1st- Alleged crime reported or detected
2nd- Arrest warrant issued by judge
3rd- Warrant executed (your arrest)

4th- Booked into jail
5th- Call George Lobb to arrange a bond and investigate your case
6th- Get out of jail and comply with bond conditions

7th- Contact me for your first court date
8th- Appear in court as directed by George Lobb
(sometimes you do not have to appear. Call 512-215-6011 for details)
9th- Keep in contact with me throughout your case

10th- Pretrial motions (e.g., motion to suppress evidence)
11th- Offer negotiated with prosecutor
12th- Discuss the prosecutor’s offer

13th- If you reject the offer, the case is set for trial for a later date.
14th- We prepare for trial by filing more motions
15th- Your case is tried and we fight to prove your innocence

16th- Depending on the outcome, a motion for new trial or appeal is filed.
These steps, and how long each step takes, will vary depending on whether or not:

1) You are charged with a misdemeanor or felony
2) You are a juvenile or adult
3) The type of offense (drugs, assault, theft, etc.)

Please contact George Lobb to discuss the details of your case and get started defending your rights and restoring your reputation.